Cabin Pressure Fanfiction

Summary; Every week, when Martin checks his bank account, there’s an extra fifty quid that shouldn’t be there.

Author; branwyn

Ships; None

Characters; Martin Crieff, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson

Category; General Audiences

Trigger warnings; None

AU/Crossover; Sherlock

Length/Word Count; Ficlet, 1025 words

Rating; B


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Back on a roll with the fanfiction reviews. Thank lord the Jubilee is over. As much fun as watching your parents get plastered in the name of the monarchy is, I haven’t even touched my computer since Friday morning, and even then it was to send my coursework in. 

This fic is really quite well characterised, with Martin throwing a strop over being mothered by his elder brother; even Sherlock being a concerned older brother and sending Martin money in the first place is quite well written, so kudos to the author for doing a good job on it! The only thing that bothers me is I’m not entirely sure Martin would be quite as confrontational about it, but it’s not really that big of an issue since it is Sherlock, a strong sibling connection is implied and he definitely slips back into character beyond the first few sentences. 

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