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Aren’t you guys glad that we haven’t had a hiatus since from Limerick to Qikiqtarjuac?

Aren’t you guys glad that we haven’t had a hiatus since from Limerick to Qikiqtarjuac?

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Summary; “In which a crash leads to the end of MJN Air as they know it. Including hospital stays, mental breakdowns, much comfort, reminiscing, surprise offers and the promise of a happy ending.”

Author(s); enigma_kar

Ships;  Douglas/Martin (suggested)

Characters;  Martin Crieff, Douglas Richardson, Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, Arthur Shappey

Category;  General

Trigger warnings; None

AU/Crossover;  None

Length/Word Count; Short, 4122 words

Rating: A


This was a very touching story! The bittersweet aftermath of the crash (clever St. Petersburg reference there) highlights the overall theme of how changes in life are inevitable and not necessarily bad. The ending was a happy one and left me with a slightly sad but happy feeling. Definitely worth a read, especially as it’s short and sweet. Lovely characterizations!

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Cabin Pressure

Series 4 Episode 6



Another new Cabin Pressure!

Series 4, Episode 5 - Xinzhou

Thanks again, artofdeduction! You’re the best! :D 


New Cabin Pressure!

Series 4, Episode 4: Wokingham

Edit: the link should be working now. Sorry about thatq

Here you go, guys! Thanks to artofdeduction for posting!

Summary; “The morning after Duxford, the day after Vaduz.

Author(s); ariana_paris

Ships;  Martin/Theresa

Characters;  Martin Crieff, Princess Theresa

Category;  General

Trigger warnings; None

AU/Crossover;  None

Length/Word Count; Short, 1406 words

Rating: A


This was an adorable, short little fic! But be sure you don’t read it unless you’ve heard the latest Cabin Pressure episode! I love the little bits and pieces of info the author casually threw in (Liam’s emo-ness, Martin as a fantastic (if clumsy) lover) and the hint of casual attraction between Martin and Theresa was just adorable. I like this little epilogue the author wrote for the episode; I think it fit in quite well! Please enjoy.


I just downloaded and listened to the latest episode; it’s fantastic!!

Summary; “Douglas is tired of feeling useless.”

Author(s); Branwyn

Ships;  Martin/Douglas

Characters;  Martin Crieff, Douglas Richardson

Category;  Explicit

Trigger warnings; Some emotional/physical abuse of a sub, sub-drop.

AU/Crossover;  BDSM AU

Length/Word Count; Medium, 14,751 words

Rating: A


This was a sweet, sexy little piece! I love BDSM AUs and I especially liked how the author of this story made a point of describing Douglas’ thoughts on how Doms should treat their subs. Martin is clearly in need of some proper care that he’s never been given, and Douglas is finally able to give it to him. You don’t get a whole lot of an indication of how Martin is thinking or feeling in response to Douglas’ actions—which must seem sudden and unsolicited to him—but everything ends happily, with scorchingly hot sex, too, so I was pleased. I hope you enjoy, too!


My self-imposed condition for returning [At least until May] was getting three A’s in my mock exams and less than 3 C’s, and nothing below a C.

I got five A’s, two C’s and the rest are B’s. So I’m back! :D There’s stuff to do, not sure what precisely [I’ll ask Ro] but the ask box will be open again within a week and regular recs will be back uwu 

Also I’ll need some help with statistics homework. Hope you guys don’t mind helping out!


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